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Construction is a challenging process. In order for our clients to have a truly positive construction experience, we seek to provide an environment based on integrity. Our clients can expect to experience the following when they engage MCG to build their dream home, or re-model and add on to their current one:
Quality of Products * Excellence from our staff * Commitment to the community * Preservation of our environment and heritage


Establishing a project’s scope, budget and schedule requires a substantial commitment in time, resources, and knowledge. Let our experienced team coordinate this process to ensure a productive and effective collaboration with design professionals to ensure a successful build out of your project,

Our team of construction management professionals is ready to listen and understand your priorities and desires and make them reality.

Key parts of our preconstruction plan:

  • Design Coordination – clear definition of project goals and focused design review meetings determine a quick and efficient completion of final projects documents, minimizing wasted time, effort, and money.
  • Constructability Review – identifies potential logistical issues, such as site access restrictions, weather and location considerations, and coordination issues between the many sub contractors and suppliers.
  • Value Engineering – establishes criteria for review and analysis by the project team that highlights cost and time saving opportunities.
  • Estimating/Bid & Award – MCG offers a complete estimating program based on plans and specifications. A review of bid responses and awarding of subcontracts to suppliers can be tailored to a stipulated sum bid, time and materials, or a hybrid of both. We educate you on the merits of each of these options to allow for the best outcome for your project.
  • LEED Certification Coordination
  • Product Selection Assistance
  • Project Schedule